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The truth about wine accessories

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There are so many great wine accessories available on the market, all endeavouring to improve your wine experience and optimising the flavour of wine. However, with all the shapes, sizes and names out there, it can be overwhelming and confusing. Luckily, we’ve broken down the three essential wine accessories you need and their purpose to make it easy for you.

Decanters – the most common wine accessory

What wine decanters do

Decanters have a flat base with a wide bowl allowing red wine can sit and develop flavour through oxygenating as a large surface area is exposed to air.

How to use a wine decanter

The correct way to decant wine from a bottle is to ensure the bottle has been sitting upright for a few hours, especially older vintages, so that sediment and crumbled cork can settle at the bottom. Slowly and carefully uncork the wine and pour it in a slow and steady stream into the decanter, holding the bottle parallel to the ground. This ensures the sediment collects at the shoulder of the bottle and doesn’t escape into the decanter.

Sediment is what makes wine taste astringent and masks the richer, deeper flavours of the wine. Allow the wine to sit in the decanter for an hour or two – some decanters come with a stopper to ‘seal’ the contents and reduce the speed at which wines deteriorate after being exposed to air.

Wine decanter

Wine Conundrum Decanter

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Polo Decanter

Salt & Pepper Polo Decanter

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Decanter Cleaning Balls

Decanter Cleaning Balls

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Decanter Drying Stand

LDecanter Drying Stand

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Wine aerator

What wine aerators do

These can speed up the decanting process significantly as it helps air filter into the wine.

How to use wine aerators

You can use a wine aerator directly over your wine glass or aerate wine as you decant it to ensure a smoother taste and highlight the complex, deeper notes of the wine.

Tips for using wine aerators

Most people don’t think about decanting or aerating white wines, and most young whites don’t need to go through this process; however, if you have a premium aged white wine you can decant it to bring out the deeper, richer flavours.

Wine carafes

Carafes are decorative pieces to turn an everyday drink or sparkling or fruit-infused water into an elegant part of the table. Carafes have a small base and long body to accommodate large volumes of liquid therefore taking up less space on the table. They can be used to serve table wine or cleanskins as it doesn’t affect the characteristics and taste of the wine.


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