When And Where To Use Draft Stoppers

When And Where To Use Draft Stoppers

When And Where To Use Draft Stoppers


A draft stopper is typically designed as a cloth or fabric tube, often appearing like a snake. It’s usually stuffed with rice, beans or other material that holds weight. A great question we get asked sometimes is when and where to use draft stoppers in the home. Laid across cracks under doors or even around windows, they prevent cold air and draft from blowing in. They also act as a stopper for warm air escaping.


Draft  stoppers are a quick and super simple solution for improving the quality of the temperature inside your home and essentially provide a barrier against escaping warmth. You can literally use them anywhere a gaps needs to be sealed. They can also use them to assist in sound proofing and can shut out fumes and odours as well.



Types of draft stoppers


The immediate thought that comes to mind is the traditional and classic sausage or snake shaped kind. There are so many varieties on the market these days so you’re not limited to the basics. Nowadays draft stoppers are part of the essential décor and you can be as creative, or not, as you like. While the essential shape needs to stay the same in order to cover the area properly, we love newer styles like the animal theme to bring an element of fun to the room.



Saving energy and money


Because draft stoppers keep air from flowing freely in and out of the room and your home, there is every reason to believe that you’ll save money on air conditioning. Even the most simple draft stopper is pretty air tight and can be a very inexpensive energy conserving tool. Why spend extra money unnecessarily if such a simple investment can be so effective!



When to use your draft stopper


Really, you could use a draft stopper year round! Any time you want your home to stay warm, or at least at a temperature different to outdoors, you’ll immediately notice the difference. Winter is the obvious and most optimal time to make full use of your draft stopper but they will certainly help by blocking out hot air through the summer time too.



DIY or purchase


There are so many draft stoppers in stores, online and in varying shapes, sizes and trends. While they can be quite low in price and super convenient to grab from the shop shelf, some people love to make their own unique pieces.


Draft stoppers are actually easy and cheap to construct on your own. You’ll need to choose a sturdy fabric that you can sew around a cylinder. Select your filling of choice and simply close up and sew the ends. You can fill with rice, wood chips or dry beans or anything else that will last a long time and not be affected by temperature.



Remember, House & Garden stocks a lovely range of draft stoppers and door stops to create a warm and inviting environment in your home. Choose from cute animal styles or different textures and fabrics. We can help show you how easy it is to appreciate when and where to use your draft stopper in your home.

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